Epidaurus Festival, Cavtat, Croati

28.08. – 18.09. 2010. | Cavtat | Croatia

In the course of late August and September musicians from all over the world converge in Cavtat in order to take part in the Epidaurus Festival – a festivity of classical, jazz music and all arts. Alongside the established and famous musicians the Epidaurus offers the opportunity to young musicians in the making to have their first solo appearances, and to perfect their skills at the courses combined under the name of Scuola Epidaurus and tought by their more experienced collegues or eminent artistes from the music world.
Ivana Marija Vidović, an internationally renowned pianist and poet from Dubrovnik with family connections from Cavtat and the founder of this festival, carries on the fine tradition of inviting high quality artistes of her own choosing.
When the August sun softens a bit, Cavtat becomes the musical heaven on Earth...
Welcome and enjoy!

Epidaurus Festival



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