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Vječna luč mog postojanja
Osmijeh s nebesa
Mudra rijeko sveprisutnih emocija
Ona tiha suzo nekanuta
Neumorni osmijehu mog lica
Daješ mi moć da grlim svijet
I da gladim duše umorne
I kad vape i kad se smiješe
Ti si moć sadašnjeg trenutka
I svekolike vječnosti
Volim Te glazbo jer si odraz
I dokaz da se čovjeku
On neprestano smiješi
Volim Te jer si mi dala krila
jer si svakome jasna
jer si oduvijek sa mnom bila,
I potom opet
Kad se stiša buka
I kad se poremete svete tišine
Kad utihnu sve melodije
I svaki taj očajni ljudski krik
Potom opet
Zemljina utjeho
Sempre da capo
Nastupaš ti.

Ivana Marija Vidović, 5.8.2015.

[ french version ]

Sempre da capo
à la musique

Lumière éternelle de mon existence
Sourire du ciel
Sage fleuve de toutes les émotions
Larme silencieuse retenue
Sourire infatigable de mon visage
Tu me donnes le pouvoir d'étreindre le monde
De caresser les âmes lassées
Qu'elles sourient ou qu'elles geignent
Tu es la force du moment présent
De l'éternité multiple
Je t'aime Musique car tu es le reflet du Créateur
Qu'il sourit perpétuellement à l'homme
Je t'aime car tu m'as donné des ailes
Car tu es claire pour tous
Car tu étais avec moi au commencement
Et après encore
Quand le vacarme se calme
Quand les silences sacrés se troublent
Quand toutes les mélodies se taisent
Et tout cri de désespoir
Après encore
Consolation de la Terre
Sempre da capo
Tu entres en scène.

Traduit par Cornelia et Ivana Marija

[ english version ]

To the music

The eternal light of my existence
A smile from the heavens
A wise river of emotion,
a quiet tear
Tireless smile on my face
You give me the power to embrace the world
And to stroke each tired souls
whether it cries or smiles
You are the power of the present moment
And of eternity
I love you music because you are a reflection
of the Creator
And the proof that he keeps smiling
to men
I love you because you gave me wings
because you are clear
and you've always been with me,
And then again,
When the noise fades away
and the sacred silence is gone
And when all these miserable human screams
have calmed down
oh you, consolation to the earth
Sempre da capo
you perform.

Tranlslated by S.Rajtmajer and the author



Rovinj Summer Festival
04 | 08 | 2017

After concerts in Italy and Croatia Ivana appeared at the prestigious Rovinj Summer Festival's 22nd edition. Performed with duo Vidovic - Garcia in completely full st.Francis church in Rovinj. "Thank you Rovinj for the marvellous hospitality, thanks to the artistic director Katja Markotic for this amazing opportunity and my colleague Borja Ordonez Garcia who came all the way from Spain to perform with me. 90 mins recital with no break and few encores was as an "dott on I" to a current tremendous heat! Come back for more photos soon from this amazing experience..."


Festival of Belcanto
31 | 07 | 2017

Ivana with her duo Vox Ragusei at the prestigious Festival of Belcanto in Italy.
For more details please see the calendar.


Concert in Euphrasius basilica
31 | 07 | 2017

Wonderful article about opening concert in Euphrasius basilica in Poreč with the Croazzolla Concertante! Thank you. You can read the article here.


Remembering Bol
29 | 07 | 2017

Take a look at some photos from a wonderful concert, with Diana Hilje and Kresimir Marmilic that took place on August 26th in 2016, in Bol, Island of Brac


Summer and Music
03 | 07 | 2017

Nakon dvostrukog gostovanja u Italiji u lipnju 2017. Ivana će nastupit prvi put u Istri i to na festivalima u Taru u crkvi svetog Martina 6/7, te u prekrasnom povijesnom zdanju Eufrazijeve Bazilike u Poreču 7/7 uz ansambl Croazzola Concertante iz Zagreba. Na programu su Astor Piazzolla i Carlos Gardel.
Koncert u Poreču je i svečani koncert otvorenja 65.koncertne sezone festivala "Koncerti u Eufrazijani". Eufrazijeva bazilika koja datira iz 6.stoljeća kompleks je pod zastitom UNESCOa.

After her double appearence in Italy in June 2017, Ivana will perform for the first time in Istria in Croatia at the festivals in Tar in the church of St.Martin on July 6th and in the beautiful historic building of the Euphrasian Basilica in Porec, on July the 7th, with the Croazzola Concertante ensamble from Zagreb. The program will be Astor Piazzolla and Carlos Gardel.
Concert in Poreč is also the solemn concert of the opening of the 65th concert season of the festival "Concerts in the Euphrasian". The Euphrasian Basilica is a 6th century dating complex and is the UNESCO heritage site.
For more details please see the calendar.


A great euphoria in Milano
Memorail to genial Ruder Boskovic
20 | 06 | 2017

Ivana has taken part in a very important event last week in Milan. At the initiative of the Croatian General Consulate in Milan and a humanist and friend, the Italian lawyer Cristian Pambianchi a Memorial to the greatest Croatian scientist of all times, Ruder Boskovic was finally set. This ceremonial act was musically enriched by the duo Vox Ragusei: the mezzo-soprano Diana Hilje and the pianist Ivana Marija Vidovic who at the beginning of the ceremony interpreted the both hymns and after revealing the memorial on the front of the church of Santa Maria Podone where the scientist was buried (12.2.1787) they performed a recital with carefully chosen programme for such event. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to make this event glorious indeed. Thanks for the great honour that you have entrusted us with.
More information, as well as photo gallery, to follow soon...


Vox Ragusei on Tour in Italy
06 | 06 | 2017

Vox Ragusei has toured a fascinating beautiful Campagna and Lazio in Italy: Mercogliano, Sorrento Chamber Music Festival & Fondi Music Festival during the first weeknof June. Photos will come soon...


The press about the concert in Montenegro
21 | 05 | 2017

The press had a few words to share on the performance of the duo Vox Ragusei.
Read what the Montenegrian press said here, but also don't miss the article of in the Dubrovnik press here.


Gala celebrating the city Ulcinj (Montenegro)
21 | 05 | 2017


I dearly thank to the friendly city of Ulcinj for a kind invitation to visit them again with my duo Vox Ragusei and to take part in gala concerts for the occasion of the Ulcinj city day's festivity.

Photo: Vox Ragusei with the ambassador of Republic of Croatia in Montenegro, Mr. Veselko Grubiić.


23 | 04 | 2017


A new gallery from a concert in memory of all our great teachers, that have taught us in Dubrovnik, is here! Enjoy the album from the concert "Sjećanja/Memories" that took place on June 6th, 2016 in Knezev Dvor (Dubrovnik, Croatia)


Amsterdam Debut
15 | 04 | 2017


Enjoy the album from Ivana Marija's concert debut in Amsterdam that happened on June 18th, 2016!


Season's flowers
26 | 02 | 2017

Flowers 15-16

Flowers for Ivana's concerts in the previous concert season 2015-2016:
"Thank you! I am so grateful to have audience who is as loving, carry and lovely nartured like you..." - IVM


Happy New Year


To China, with Love!
10 | 12 | 2016

....i kao rijeka neka drevna cijelim bićem kolaju uspomene, beskrajne, kao Veliki zid beskonačni, kao Zabranjeni, purpurni grad kineskih čudesnih dinastija....Uspomene na glazbu u dalekoj, novoj zemlji koja kao da postoji već odavna....u tisini se pretvara u dijamante....i otvara poput čarobnog globusa u nama i prizeljkuje nova saznanja, otkrića, nova glazbena učenja i putovanja....Hvala svima!
Clavinet duo. ancient rivers endless memories circulate throughout us, entire as the Great the Forbidden purple Chinese city of miraculous dynasties ....The memories of music in the distant, new country that seem to have existed from long time ago....only in silence music turns into diamonds....and opens up like a magical globe in us...restless wishes for the new discoveries, findings, learning and next musical voyages ....Thank you China!
- Clavinet Duo


China Tour - closer and closer
01 | 10 | 2016

As previously announced, in October the cLAVinet duo will tour and debut in China. It will be a course of 8 concerts in the most prestigious concert halls. And as the tour is approaching, the new posters are coming in... For more details please see the calendar.


China Tour
16 | 08 | 2016

In October the cLAVinet duo will tour and debut in China. It will be a course of 8 concerts in the most prestigious concert halls.


Magical Night at Festival Aix en Provance
24 | 08 | 2016

From the magical night of Aix en Provance, Festival Les Nuits Pianistiques Dans la Rue... with cLAVinet duo Ivana Marija Vidovic and Fatos Qerimaj, Piano-Clarinette...


Festival Aix en Provance
07 | 08 | 2016

Duo Clavinet, Ivana Marija and Fatos Qerimaj (clarinet), will perform on August 21st on the Festival Aix en Provance


Bol Summer Festival, on Island of Brac in Croatia
15 | 07 | 2016

On July 26th Ivana Marija will have a pleasure of performing on the Bol Summer Festival, with violinist Kresimir Marmilic and mezzo-soprano Dijana Hilje.


I CAPOLAVORI DEL CINEMA - The masterpieces of the cinema
01 | 07 | 2016

After successful performance in Amsterdam Ivana will appear on the 23rd edition of the famous Pescara International Music Festival with Diana Hilje, Fatos Qerimaj and Kreimir Marmilic.
The trio with their guest, the prima donna Diana Hilje will present a program focusing on the masterpieces of the cinema, including some pieces dedicated to the opera, musicals and even the tango. Switching from Rota and Morricone to Debussy, Bizet's Carmen, from Gershwin to Piazzolla. Really terrific four soloists for a performance not to be missed!
Tickets available: I CAPOLAVORI DEL CINEMA | ciaotickets


Beautiful Vivaldi flowers... and a heartfelt thank you!
25 | 06 | 2016

L'arte comunica, e accomuna. Fa comunione. "Vivaldi" rose dorate per il concerto milanese. Maggio, 2016.

The art communicates and unites. It makes communion. "Vivaldi" golden roses for the concert in Milan. May, 2016.

For more pictures of beautiful flowers Ivana receives, please visit the Flowers album in the Gallery and be on a look out, as album with pictures from Brera (Milan) is coming soon.


Magnificent concert, lots of press coverage...
25 | 06 | 2016

Read some of the articles in different newspapers, covering the concert in Brera

For more, visit our PressCut section


"Roses" - a poetic afternoon in Amsterdam
13 | 06 | 2016

"Roses" - a poetic afternoon with the artist in Pianola Museum, Amsterdam
more information on and


Duo VOX RAGUSEI u poznatoj Breri
16 | 05 | 2016

Ivana Marija Vidović i Diana Hilje slave Ruđera Boskovića u milanskoj Breri

U srcu Milana, u poznatoj milanskoj Breri nastupit će duo Vox Ragusei kojega čine dvije "fetive" Dubrovkinje, mezzosopranistica, primadona HNK Zagreb Diana Hilje, te pijanistica i pjesnikinja Ivana Marija Vidović, koja je 2010.godine nazvana titulom ambasadorice talijanske kulture.
Na poziv gospodina Pambianchija, poznatog advokata iz Milana, velikog zaljubljenika u nasu povijest, te hrvatskog konzulata u Italiji, dvije će dubrovačke umjetnice slaviti velikane iz dubrovačke povijesti.
Večer posvećena genijalnom Dubrovčaninu Ruđeru Bokoviću, jezuitu koji je u milanskoj Breri ostavio neizbrisiv trag dogodit će se bas uoči Boskovićeva rođendana 17.svibnja 2016. s početkom u 17h. Bosković je osnivač zvjezdarnice u Breri koja spada u najpoznatije zvjezdarnice svijeta.
O vaznosti velikih Boskovića, Drzića i ostalim protagonistima bogate dubrovačke povijesti, govorit će prof. Slobodan Prosperov Novak, gospodin Pambianchi, gospođa Hefti, a na kraju izlaganja usljedit će koncert dviju Dubrovkinja koje su za program odabrale isključivo djela iz opusa dubrovačkih skladatelja Antuna Sorkočevića, Vincenza Comnena, te prve hrvatske skladateljice Jelene Sorkočević - Pucić.)


Bled, Slovenia - Parish church of st.Martin
01 | 05 | 2016

This video is an excerpt from the concert Duo cLAVinet (Ivana Marija Vidović & Faatos Qerimaj) gave on April 19th in the Parish church of st.Martin in Bled (Slovenia)


Review in the leading Slovenian Press "Večer"
30 | 04 | 2016



Thank you, magic town of Bled!
29 | 04 | 2016

Success is the fruit of many personal efforts plus support, deep respect and encouragements from people like you. My heartfelt thanks Marjana Pavliha, Sime Ivanjko, Marko Mandir and my wonderful colleagues and friends Fatos Qerimaj & Kresimir Marmilić! Thanks for the gorgeous photographic session, Mirko Kunsić and Janez Fajfar for the most generous hospitality in paradisiac Bled!!


14 | 04 | 2016



Back to Slovenia!
22 | 03 | 2016

After The Netherlands and Austria, and after recent sold out concert at the Gallus Hall at Cankarjev Dom, Ivana Marija is back in Slovenia! Two concerts, with Duo cLAVinet and Trio Surprise have been added to the calendar, in Maribor and Bled. For more information please check the calendar.


Festival Pianodrom in photos
15 | 03 | 2016

Some photos to share and paint the wonderful atmosphere from the recent concert a the Festival Pianodrom, with Fatoj Qerimaj as a conductor. Have a look here.


Coming up next!
03 | 03 | 2016

A recital in Amsterdam, on March 22nd! Be sure to book your ticket - for more details about the concert, please check the calendar.


Spring in Austria
27 | 02 | 2016

Another concert in collaboration with Fatos Qerimaj and Lorenc Radovani, and Albania Trio, will be presented on the cocnert that will take place in Gmunden Stadteater (Austria) on April 15th. For more info, follow up here.


Delightful nature
24 | 02 | 2016

We have added a new photo album, which will feature all the delightful flowers that always brighten up the after-concert moments, and tell different and "behind the scenes" stories of concerts made. Check it out here.


Reportage on HRT1 (Croatian National Television)
23 | 01 | 2016


Recently created memories
18 | 01 | 2016

A day to walk along a (recent) musical memory lane... here is a memory from Teatro van Westerhout, Mola di Bari, Italy with dear friend and colleague Fatos and our Duo cLAVinet performance. Enjoy!


A magnificent end of the year - welcoming the 2016 in the Gallus Hall
(Cankar's dome, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
27 | 12 | 2015

I address you all tonight for who you truly are. I address all my music for you and I thank such a numerous and warm audience at the Gallus hall of the Cankar's dome in my beloved Ljubljana where I graduated from the Academy of music in 2002. I really felt emotional about...

[read full story / see photos]
Christmas New Year Concert Gallus Hall


Media is buzzing...
26 | 12 | 2015

Impressions about the wonderful concert and performance from the Christmas New Year Gala Concert in the Gallus Hall are already overflowing the media... Read the articles on (in Slovenian) and on (in Croatian).
For more press and media coverage of Ivana's performances, you can always go to the "PressCut" or "Reviews" sections here on the website.


Sharing a little bit of magic...
03 | 12 | 2015

For all who could not join us for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Quartet "Cadenza Zagreb" and the gala concert we had for that occasion in the wonderful Mimara Museum in Zagreb (Croatia), we invite you to listen and enjoy the recording of the performance of Piazzolla's Ave Maria, performed by Ivana Marija Vidovic (piano), Fatos Qerimaj (klarinet), String Quartet "Cadenza Zagreb" (Kresimir Marmilić and Gorjana Jurilj - violins, Petar Haluza - viola, Vinko Grubesić cello) and Sasa Spoljar (bas).


Memories from the fonderful concert in Castello Ursino, Catania, Italy
25 | 11 | 2015

Finally, here are some beautiful photos made by photographer Sebastiano Trigilio from the prestigious castle Castello Ursino in Catania, that was a home to an exquisite exhibition Love and Life by Marc Chagall, in the same time as we were playing our concert. What a joyful and memorable moment, which we can not be happier to share with you...

Evo konačno predivnih fotografija fotografa Sebastiano Trigilio iz prestiznog dvorca Castello Ursino u Cataniji koji upravo dok smo mi svirali ugosćuje izlozbu (prekrasnu!!!) Love and Life by Marc Chagall.

[read more / see photos]
Classica& Dintorni, 12th edition


Celebrating with friends and fellow music lovers
22 | 11 | 2015

On December 3rd, Ivana Marija will be part of the gala celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Croatian string quartet "Cadenza Zagreb". The concert will take place in the Museum Mimara Concert Hall in Zagreb (Croatia). For more details about the concert, please check the calendar.


Spreading the "buzz", Italian press style...
05 | 11 | 2015

While you are awaiting for the wonderful photos from the Italian tour of cLAVinet&Lorenzo, as well as some exciting words from Ivana, be sure to check out the press cut section for all the buzz the three musicians made through stories that appeared in the press announcing and following their concerts in Italy. [read more / see photos]


Upcoming concert
22 | 10 | 2015

Before their concert on FESTIVAL CLASSICA&DINTORNI CATANIA (see calendar), Duo cLAVinet & Lorenco (Ivana Marija Vidović, piano, Fatos Qerimaj, clarinette, Lorenc Radovani, violin) will have a concert on October 28th in the in beautiful Italian old town, Mola di Bari in Apulia, in the Teatro Van Westerhout.
Read the official announcement for this performance on the CittàNostra's website

For more Ivana Marija's upcoming performances, please check the calendar.
Teatro Van Westerhout


You missed the concert in the RECTOR'S PALACE ATRIUM in June?
03 | 10| 2015

Enjoy the recording of Ms Vidovic's performance of Piazzolla's Bragato, performed with Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, on the concert in the Rector's Palace Atrium in Dubrovnik on June 25th.


EXLUSIVE: Concert at the prestigious Gallus Concert Hall in the Cankar Hall/Cankarijev Dom!
29 | 09| 2015

Mrs Vidović was honoured by an invitation for the concert at the prestigious Gallus Concert Hall (named after the Baroque composer Jacobus Gallus) at the Cankar Hall (Slovene: Cankarjev dom) in Ljubljana, with the Symphony Orchestra Cantabile from Slovenia and its artistic director, maestro Marjan Grdadolnik.

Saturday, December 19th 2015 at 7.30 PM
Gallus Concert Hall in the Cankar Hall, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Prešernova cesta 10, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Symphony Orchestra Cantabile
Marjan Grdadolnik, condutor
Matej Avšič, concert master

Ivana Marija Vidovič, piano
Mojca Bitenc, soprano
String Quintet Avšič

MePZ Adoramus Logatec, choir leader: Marjan Grdadolnik
MePZ Danica, choir leader, mag. Stanko Polzer
MePZ Stanko Premrl Podnanos, choir leader: Vida Fabčič

[read more here] Gallus Hall - Cankarjev Dom


Tonight tonight, on the sunniest island of Europe!!
22 | 09| 2015

The concert on one of the most sunniest islands on the Globe: Hvar! Ivana Marija will be playing on the Hvar Summer Festival with the cadenza Quartet in the Franciscan Cloister. The concert will stat at 8:30pm and on the program are pieces by Piazzolla, Suk, Lhotka, Komitas, Pärt...
For more Ivana Marija's upcoming performances, please check the calendar.

Hvar Summer Festival

Večeras, Na najsunčanijem otoku Europe! 

Nakon punih 10 godina Ivana Marija Vidović opet u Franjevačkom klaustru na Hvaru, s početkom u 20.30h, u sklopu Hvarskog ljetnog Cadenza String Quartet iz Zagreba u djelima Astora Piazzolle.

Hvar Summer Festival2005


October on Sicily
07 | 09| 2015

On October 30th, Ivana Marija will be performing on Sicily for the XII CLASSICA & DINTORNI, Festival internazionale di musica da camera, jazz e folk with her DUO cLAVinet (duo with clarinettist Fatos Qerimaj). Violinist Lorenc Radovani will join them for this performance. You can read more about this performance on the website of the festival. And for more Ivana Marija's upcoming performances, please check the calendar.


Inseparable Dubrovnik and Ivana. | Nerazdvojni Dubrovnik i Ivana.
31 | 08 | 2015

Portraites by Miho Skvrce. | Fotografije: Miho Skvrce.
[click here to see all photos from this series of portraites, as well as all the portraites of Ivana Marija, in the Gallery]


Photos from the magical Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik
30| 06 | 2015

Some photos from the wonderful concet with the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra at the Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik, from the concert on 26.06.2015. [read more / see photos]


Over the Rainbow, straight to the moon!
24 | 06 | 2015

A succesful tour, "Over the Rainbow", with magnificent Tirana Caffe Concerto (Albania) was concluded about a month ago. Check out some photos from concerts and... [read more / see photos]