Ivana is not only a musician. She has been writing poetry since her early youth. In 2003 she published her first book of poetry in Croatian – a rich and representative selection of her works. Ivana’s poems express the variety and intensity of her literary experience, encompassing childlike and vividly picturesque verses to deeply personal love poems and haunting laments.


The book has been translated by the author into Italian and Slovenian. Here is a article from book presentation in Dubrovnik.




If you wish to order Ivana's book of poetry please contact Ivana at ivanamarija.vidovic [at]





La Vita dei Fiori

Published by Akkuaria:

Dedicated to Dora Pejacevic, Croatian woman composer after the cycle of miniatures for piano, the Flowers' life, op.19 by Dora Pejacevic


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Trilogia a 4 zampe

Italian/Croatian. Published by Akkuaria: September 2008

This recent publication is to be considered one of the numerous Miss Vidovic's artistic and charity tentatives. This time is to help the little abandoned animals.

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Concorso Letterario "I veli della Luna" 2008

Ms Vidovic has won a Third prize at the literary competition called "I Veli della luna" (The moon's veils) 2008 by Very Ambra with her poem "Bucaneve" (Snowdrop) dedicated to Dora Pejacevic - great Croatian woman composer.

Ms Vidovic has been chosen to participate in another Anthology called: Il risveglio delle I-Dee, dedicated to Nenzi Costanzo - an extraordinary artistic female personality from Catania, Sicily.



Infanzia felice

Dammi la mano, ritorno a te
infanzia mia, del tutto mia!
Da nulla sporcata,
serena, sorridente,
spensierata e vivace....

Italian language. Aquarels by William Trivelli. Published byAkkuaria Edition. 2007

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Con gli Occhi di un Gatto

Italian language. Edited and published by Akkuaria:


Ms Vidovic has participated in the new charity project by Vera Ambra. Help to the abbandoned animals and purchuase a book of Anthology "Trilogia a quattro zampe" (Trilogy with four legs). [ read more about this book ]



Hitty possiede
calze di seta
modello hula-hop.
Ciascuna di un diverso colore
ed una gonna
ad hoc


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