This comprised eight separate pieces, each describing eight different flowers. It encompassed a wide variety of moods, from the light dancing spirit of "Snowdrops" to the rather sombre "Chrysanthemums". Each was played with great delicacy and feeling. It was charming and accessible and I can understand why Miss Vidovic is eager to promote this composer's work. It deserves to be heard more widely and more often. [ read more ] - Pam Anderton, London, November, 2008.



Nakon tolike zvučne bombastičnosti, došao je na kraju osvježavajuće hladan šumski zrak u Schumannovom «Abschied» (rastanak) iz Waldszenen (Šumske slike) op. 82 – baš kao i prije toga u Schubertovom Impromptu - muzicirano s velikom skromnošću i prijatnom suzdržanošću. Od zaista glasne zvonjave snježnih zvončića (visibaba), preko skoro barsko-muzičkih ljubičica, riječitih, gotovo čavrljajućih karanfila, sve do patetično djelujućih krizantema (kao cvijeća mrtvih), rastvorila je Vidović, pod utjecajem impresionizma, u cijelosti zvučni jezik (klangsprache) Dore Pejačević. - Von Fritz Herzog, Bonn, July, 2008.r



Ivana Marija Vidovic, splendido personaggio, offre i suoi versi come se sgorgassero da una sorgente d’acqua cristallina! Questo animo gentile, ma anche ostinato nella continua ricerca del bello e del bene, diventa man mano come un fiume in piena che grida al mondo e agli uomini che la vita va sempre vissuta con pienezza ed il coraggio... - Silvia Cikron Corbellini, scrittrice e poetessa



Ivana, besides already being a completely accomplished professional, with fine technique, musicality, is more importantly a very original and creative artistic personality with a particular depth of expression. - Eugen Indjic.



Messaggera di pace. Portando musica e poesia nel mondo, portando armonia non si puo che essere messaggeri di pace. Legando le sponde di un mare non si puo che essere messaggeri di pace. Girando il mondo, oltrepassando confini, scavalcando oceani per portare in ogni luogo musica e poesia vai incontro al futuro, al mondo che non c'e ancora: il mondo della pace. La tua musica e la tua poesia sconfiggeranno la guerra, l'odio, il male nascosto nell'uomo. Nuona fortuna e buon lavoro, Ivana! - Mario Cabua, Cellamonte, May, 2006.



It was my great privilege to be at St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church on August Bank Holiday 29th o September, 2005. for the piano recital given my Ivana Marija Vidovich. [ read more ] - Dr. Peter Seabourne, London, September, 2005.



It was a very warm day in London on August Bank Holiday and it was remarkably quiet in Trafalgar Square. However a gratifyingly large audience gathered at St.-Martin-in-the Fields to hear a recital by the talented young Croatian pianist Ivana Maria Vidovic. She began with the world premier of a piece written especially for her – Etude in D-minor (Encore for Ivana) by Pero Šiša. [ read more ] - Pam Anderton, London, August, 2005.



I am not going to waste compliments on the playing of Ivana Marija Vidovic, because I think that it is on amaters that one makes compliments, to encourage them to continue their task. Ivana Marija Vidovic is a very professionnel pianist, sublime, and her rendering of Mozart's concerto in A-major, KV488, is irreprochable from all points of view, as one expects from a famous pianist. [ read more ] - Prof. Tihomir Petrovic, Zagreb, November, 2004.



Next was the Liszt Ballade in B minor.This was a showcase for the pianist’s creativity and talent. It sparkled throughout the darker passages playes with verve and the quieter ones with great delicacy and sensitivity.A trully brilliant performance! - Pam Anderton, London, Regent Hall Festival, 2002.



The Dubrovnik pianist Ivana Vidovic is this year`s prizewinner in Ljubljana (Slovenia). - Sanja Dražic, Dubrovacki vjesnik, 1998.



The Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra presented to numerous audiences, Miss Ivana Vidovic a pianist from Dubrovnik. However, Mozart`s 19 th piano concerto in F-major KV 459 was performed in Dubrovnik for the first time. Ivana Vidovic interpreted the concerto by refined, subtle, and meningful playing which attracted attention and she presented not only her skill but also her enormous musical talent and convincing and stylisticly adequate interpretation. Ivana Vidovic was called up to play one more encore--the audience was so delighted and they wouldn`t let her go without performing it! - Miljenko Jelaca, Slobodna Dalmacija, 1997.



The pianist Ivana Vidovic was presented at the concert for piano and orchestra in F-major KV 459 by Mozart. Her interpretation cannot be experienced very often, as it is a combination of her intellectual performance and her musical talent; clearly and simply, logically, she brings up musical ideas explaining their meaningful sequence! These reasons are certainly enough for this concert to be remembered. - Sanja Drazic, Dubrovacki vjesnik, 1997.



She is distinguished by an usually deepened relation to the music and by great sense of resonant and expressive nuances. Her innate temperament is quite rare at her age. She simply knows how to make the audience listen to her at her concerts, by an excellent skill and sophisticated, intensive experience. - Tatjana Ognjanović